Kalamata, Greece, BEFARMEX project 2nd meeting


   The second meeting of BEFARMEX project took place in the city of Kalamata, Greece, from 8th to 11th of February 2011.

   The meeting was held in the meeting room of Kek Aias in the village of Mikromani, about 5 km outside the very city centre of Kalamata. Various managerial and technical aspects of the Befarmex Project were discussed, such as: the work packages, the format of the questionnaire for the farmers, the project webpage entries and other group interests.

   All participants had the chance to participate in several study visits during the meeting:  

-a study visit to an artichoke farm and an artichoke factory;

-a study visit to olive, olive oil and vinegar production;

-a study visit to sheep pen;

-study visit to biological olive trees' farm.

    During these study visits, which were all outside the city of Kalamata, an official tour took place with experts who explained in depths all aspects of farming, industrialization,   production, packaging and distribution, hygiene precautions, as well as other technical details about cultivation, the use of fertilizers, economical and cost issues and so on.