Welcome to BEFARMEX project page

The National Agency for EU Programmes and Training Association decided to award a grant to „Gheorghe Ţiţeica" Association in the Grundtvig Sectorial Programme „Lifelong Learning".

BEGINNING FARMERS EXTENSION-BEFARMEX is the project name, the reference number is GRU-10-P-LP-34-DJ-TR and it is an EU funded project worth EUR 20,000.

This project involves six countries: Turkey-project coordinator, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Romania. The project main objective is the exchange of experience between these countries on agricultural methods and those used by farmers.

The partnership is able to provide education and information for beginner farmers.

Our overall goal is to exchange and compare methodologies and practices in education of young farmers, taking advantage of the exchange of experiences, the exchange of ideas, analysis of various training programmes for farmers, the development of common tools that can be used in training at local, regional, national and European level, through meetings and publications.