BEFARMEX - Yozgat, Turkey - the kick off meeting


   Between October 16 to 19 took place in Yozgat ,Turkey, the kick-off meeting of the project BEGINNING FARMERS EXTENSION - BEFARMEX, with the reference number GRU-10-P-LP-34-DJ-TR, in Grundtvig Sectorial  Programme " Lifelong Learning".

   The agenda of the meeting included: presentation of the participating institutions, the project and the activities to be carried out within the project, in order to achieve the general objectives,  exchange of experience on the agricultural methods used by farmers, distribution of responsibilities between the project partners, the mobility plan, etc.

   Among the activities was also visiting Yozgat local authorities (mayor, governor of the province), public institutions under the ministry of agriculture in Turkey, as well as a pilot-village, with practical training programmes for farmers.